Gwen Stefani Calls Up Carson Daly The Morning After Performing Her “Make Me Like You” Live Music Video « New Music, Music News, Concerts, Gossip – 97.1 AMP RADIO

Performing an entire music video on live national television isn’t just difficult, it’s never been done before…until last night.

Here is a partial transcript of Gwen’s Interview with Carson the morning after her Grammy “Make Me Like You” video live performance.

Carson Daly: How come you were holding back telling me about your new single, “Make Me Like You?”

Gwen Stefani: Honestly, I didn’t hold back! There’s so many songs, it’s crazy. I can’t believe the record’s finished now. I literally got a mix last night of a song called, “You’re Asking For It.” I think I listened to it 100 times last night! I love this record so much. It’s so exciting!

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