Gwen Stefani’s MasterCard Priceless Japan Concert (Full Video from fan)

Watch the full concert of Gwen Stefani in her favorite place in the world, Tokyo Japan! In her performance, she performs her single Misery for the first time LIVE! We can’t wait for her to start performing songs from her new album “This Is What The Truth Feels Like”…hopefully in the near future…possibly at the music festivals coming up this year! To check out what Gwen and Blake are doing for the year, go to our calendar of events where we will have dates of each of their performances, interviews, and more!


Billboard interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist Gregory Arlt about the makeup inspiration for Gwen Stefani’s New Album “This is what the truth feels like”

imageBillboard did an interview with makeup artist Gregory Arlt and one of Gwen’s closest friends, about the inspiration behind the makeup looks done for Gwen on her new album, “This is what the truth feels like.”

imageIn the interview, Gregory tells Billboard there are 3 looks for the album and photoshoot. The inspiration for the album cover came from the famous Marilyn Monroe photoshoot with Alfred Eisenstaedt. This look was more stripped down and raw, which coincides with her album that is open, honest and raw…she was baring everything in this album and the first look was exactly what Gwen was feeling and singing when you listen to the honesty of her lyrics.

imageThe second look was the 50’s inspired Marilyn bombshell with a Red Lip classic look done for the single “Misery.” The looks coincide with the events in Gwen’s life from the beginning…when her “life blew up in her face,” feeling exposed to the world, to starting her healing process and lastly…being in love. The 3 looks were based off the evolution of herself as she went from the more natural look for the album cover, then on to the 2nd look which is when she starts to go through the healing process and has that classic red lip look for her single “Misery,” and the last look is a 60’s inspired look that hasn’t been seen yet, except at the end of the behind the scenes video where Danilo (her longtime friend and hairstylist) and Gregory are working on her in the 60’s inspired outfits.


imageGregory says that the last look is “really strong and beautiful look.” Gwen is in love and has new music so she is feeling more “flirty and feminine” so they went off how she feels now to do the 3rd look. The brief scenes in the video show the 60’s inspired look from her longer hair, her happy and flirtier makeup look and her amazing outfits that show this fun happy side to Gwen. We can’t wait to see that look when it officially comes out!

imageGregory also goes on to describe how to get the perfect red lip, perfect brows and tells how he makes Gwen look so gorgeous with her makeup looks. Another thing that he said is that he isn’t a fan of contouring because of the harshness it can create when doing a side profile, although it can look good in photography when facing the camera. He prefers to do strobing and highlighting which is something I love to do as well, being a makeup artist. Reading this article, made me really excited to see that as a makeup artist myself…Gregory Arlt has the same ideas and concepts I personally prefer as well as have the same tricks that he uses for the red lips and brows. Check out the full article here:



Full video and article from Gwen’s interview with Lee Cowan on CBS Sunday Morning

Watch the full interview of Gwen Stefani with Lee Cowan on CBS Sunday Morning. This is an honest interview that makes Gwen so relatable, whether you’ve gone through something similar, or if you have similarities that make a connection to her…you realize how humble and sweet she really is.
I saw a few comments on Twitter today about some people who watched the show this morning and were never Gwen fans…but watching her bare her life in front of the world and to see that she is not the person that they once had preconceived opinions of. They realized what a great person she is and could relate to her in so many ways.
It’s absolutely amazing because so many people believe the tabloids and even though she ignores the “over the top rumors,” she had this to say:
“Once in a while they’ll (the tabloids) tap into something that you’re, like, ‘Wow, really? How could you think that about me? You’re wrong! And if I saw you right now, I bet you would never say that to my face!'”
It’s sad but true…the loss for empathy is something that has become a virus…one person or tabloid starts a rumor/lie and then it spreads. Both Gwen and Blake have the same views when it comes to what the tabloids say. It’s unbelievable that they can just “make up lies” and get away with it. Blake said at one of the VIP Q & A’s he had for one of his recent concerts…that the worst thing about being a celebrity is the tabloid lies. They both hope that fans don’t believe those lies but those who aren’t fans or don’t follow Gwen Stefani or Blake Shelton, will be the ones who most likely believe those lies. Yes…it comes with being a celebrity but it doesn’t mean that they don’t have feelings. Especially these two because they are so “normal” and humble. They are also grateful for what they have and being able to share their gift, by putting what they both went through at the same time into music. It is a blessing that saved them both and their music says it all…you can’t deny that they are in love. As Gwen told Lee in the interview: “Look, you can have me say it out loud, or you can just listen to the record” so for those who wonder why Gwen doesn’t openly talk about her relationship with Blake, it’s pretty apparent in her music and the way they are when they are together. What more can you ask for from a woman who has only had two boyfriends with one of them being Blake? We love Gwen just the way she is and she has saved others with her new found love and her new album “This Is What The Truth Feels Like.” What an amazing album & we can’t wait to hear Blake’s upcoming album “If I’m Honest” coming out May 20th.

Read the full article here

“The Key to Creativity—and Success—Is Truth” Gwen Stefani on LinkedIn and how social media has helped her

Here is the LinkeIn article with Gwen Stefani. She is now on every type of Social Media which may have helped bring her album up to #1 in the US and worldwide! It is Gwen’s first Solo album to go #1 and it is so exciting to see her this happy! She deserves to be #1 because she worked so hard on this album…not to mention she has other businesses and is a mother to 3 beautiful boys! We are glad Gwen has joined us on Social Media and let us fans see what goes on in her life! She said that being on social media helps her feel at ease and loves the interaction with fans…in real time! Whaaaat??! When Gwen was in No Doubt, they would wait for their fan mail to come via the post office and read letters from fans the old school way…Boy has time changed! Check out the video below and read the article about how Gwen uses the truth to make her album… which definitely worked!