Blake Shelton Country Music Hall of Fame Livestream Video from June 6th! Don’t Miss This Q & A with An Acoustic Performance and a Speech About his Exhibit: Blake Shelton- Based on A True Story. Enjoy!!

If you missed Blake Shelton at the Country Music Hall Of Fame event June 6th, here is the livestream link of the Q & A with acoustic performance! There are also videos of Blake Shelton at the Rotunda to accept his official induction for his own exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame: Blake Shelton- Based On A True Story. What an amazing and proud moment for our favorite country music star! (CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW FOR THE LIVESTREAM)

Blake Shelton Livestream at Country Music Hall of Fame Q & A with Acoustic performance 


Blake Shelton Press Conference at the Country Music Hall of Fame via Nash Country Daily Periscope (Part 1)

Blake Shelton Press Conference at the Country Music Hall of Fame via Nash Country Daily Periscope


Gwen Stefani Promo Radio Interviews For Her “This Is What The Truth Feels Like” Tour

New radio interview today June 3rd with 107.9 the link with Bob and Sheri.

Gwen talks with Bob and Sheri about gearing up for her tour but this one she compliments Blake on being talented, & talks about tabloids which she jokes that she collects the tabloid covers to wallpaper her bathroom with! Click the link below!
Gwen Stefani interview with Bob and Sheri on 107.9 the link

Gwen Stefani Chats with Race Taylor from 95.5 PLJ about so many things! First she answers questions from fans that were tweeted to 99.5 PLJ (in NY) when they tweeted that Gwen Stefani would be doing an interview today! Gwen talks about how she’s looking forward to her tour and can’t wait to feel the love from her fans. When asked if she’s a city girl or a country girl, she says, because she is from Anaheim, that would make her a city girl. However, she loves all cultures and says she would consider herself to be both city and country…as we have seen in many snapchats/IG/Twitter pics and videos. When talking about the “Misery” video and how it came about, she says that the shoot took about 2 days to do and was done at an old abandoned Sears building in Los Angeles. Gwen says she was shocked by the response for the “Misery” video, which she of course had fun doing because she got to dress up and be Barbie! With her love for fashion, she wanted the traditional video be about the things she loves, and the many outfits with different makeup/hair looks….was exactly what she wanted to do. Gwen wasn’t thinking about the success of the video and it paid off, because it is a huge hit! She also talks about the dancers and says that two out of the three dancers in the video are from Jamaica and the they came up with the choreography that same day of the shoot! Wow! How amazing! A fan wanted to know the timeline of “Misery” and her duet “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” with boyfriend Blake Shelton, that’s on his new album “If I’m Honest.” Gwen says that “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” came before “Misery” but “Make Me Like You” was right before “Misery” and didn’t take very long to write, as we have heard her talk about in previous interviews. There’s plenty more in the interview, so Enjoy the interview below! (June 2nd)


Gwen Stefani on the Jack Diamond Morning Show mix 107.3 and she talks about promoting her tour and so much more! They discuss that Entertainment Weekly named “This is What the Truth Feels Like” in the top 25 Summer Albums and the album is at #11! Gwen talks about how her parents style of music which consisted of Folk music, Blue Grass and more, which influenced Gwen to have a variety of different music her whole life. The very fisrt concert her parents took her to was Emmy Lou Harris who is a huge country icon! (June 2nd)


Gwen chats with HOT 95.5 Toby Knapp about how much of a role model she is for women of all ages, her boys, dealing with the paparazzi, going on tour with her sons and so much more in this candid interview!
Gwen first gets a sweet and flattering comment about how she is a role model for Toby’s young daughter. With all that Gwen has gone through this last year, she turned something negative into something positive and shared it with the world. It sends a positive message to all women and girls of all ages to know that they too can overcome obstacles and come out on top. A lot of what Gwen did to overcome her hardships, was to turn to faith and use her gift to write music to heal her. Gwen is an amazing person and on top of being a super star, she’s a mother of 3 boys!
The boys will join her on tour and they will be able to see the country! They will experience different cultures and go to places for fun and to learn about historical places, like the White House! Along with being a famous mother, comes the paparazzi and although she is grateful and blessed for the life she has, there are times when the paparazzi are too much. That’s when she goes “Mama Bear” on them to ensure that her kids are safe and able to run around like boys! (June 1st)

Gwen talks to Tommy from 94.7 Fresh FM in an upcoming interview and Gwen debunked the rumor that she was engaged to boyfriend Blake Shelton. “Can you imagine the amount of gossipy stories that people make up? It makes me laugh everyday. I actually do Google my name just so that I can see the next one that’s going to happen. It’s gotten so out of control. The best part about it is that it’s so hilarious; the worst part about it is that people actually believe it. That’s whats funny.”

When asked if there are plans in the future, Gwen responded with a giggly laugh, “Let’s just take it one day at a time. Everything’s crazy right now so no, absolutely not.” That system doesn’t mean it won’t ever happen, but at this time…it’s just not what they are thinking about. We can all agree though, that both Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are very much in love and are doing whatever they can to make time for each other in their busy schedules. The support they have for each other is admirable and for two celebrities who are the most normal, down to earth, humble and caring people…it’s no wonder why they are such a lovable couple. They know how to compromise and make their relationship work because they are so in love with each other…I mean…listen to their albums. ***sigh*** We can’t get enough of this beautiful couple that has stolen our hearts ❤️ (June 2nd)

Also, not mentioned in this article, but the ring that’s been in question for the past few months, is possibly the ring that was mentioned by Gwen in Entertainment Weekly. Gwen and her good friend and video director, Sophie Muller, have celebrated their 20th anniversary of being friends! Their gifts to each other were rings, so it very possible that the ring that Gwen has been wearing, might be the ring that Sophie gave her. Even though Gwen said that her and Blake aren’t engaged, it doesn’t mean they won’t ever get married. They both have so much going on but it’s obvious that they are so in love and head over heels for each other! They are such a beautiful couple, and as fans, we should enjoy the moments that they have and be happy that they are finally talking about their relationship openly! We will keep you updated on anymore interviews and will have a blog post about the new “Misery” video and so much more!