Blake Shelton in Forever Country CMA 50th Anniversary Video Plus BTS

Published on Sep 20, 2016

In celebration of “The 50th Annual CMA Awards,” CMA has created the biggest music video in Country Music history. Titled “Forever Country,” the single and accompanying music video features 30 CMA Award-winning acts. This single was produced by CMA Board member and CMA Award winner Shane McAnally and the video was directed by Grammy Award-winning director Joseph Kahn.

Go Behind-The-Scenes of the “Forever Country” Music Video


Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Duet at the iHeartRadio “If I’m Honest” Album Preview, Gwen & Blake Interviews on “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” and So Much More!

Blake Shelton previews “If I’m Honest” album at an exclusive iHeartRadio Concert on the Honda Stage in LA. He also brought a surprise guest, girlfriend and co-writer, Gwen Stefani on stage to sing their duet “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” which is in the video below! Get ready for goosebumps and see this heartbreaking song between the two lovebirds!

Watch the full livestream iHeartRadio concert tonight, May 18th at 8:00PM Local Time by downloading the iHeartRadio App or going to Gwen Stefani, briefly joined the country crooner boyfriend Blake Shelton on stage to perform “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” – which they also premiered on The Voice, Monday (May 9th) – she didn’t say much while Shelton told the audience he wrote the tune to “impress her.”

Shelton teased that he paid the former No Doubt frontwoman “like a million dollars” to join him for the show, even admitting that he’s “out-kicking” his coverage with the “very popular” artist.

Watch Blake Shelton’s interview about how he co-wrote “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” with girlfriend, Gwen Stefani. Also, hear Gwen’s interview with Chelsea Handler’s new Netflix Talk Show, Chelsea Show, on how she responded to Blake’s way of “trying to impress her.” These two are the best! To watch more of Gwen’s interview with Chelsea, go to Netflix and watch the rest of the interview!

Before the official release date for Blake Shelton’s album “If I’m Honest” on May 20, the country megastar gave fans a taste of the new record at his release party on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles Monday night (May 9th).

Hosted by country radio DJ Bobby Bones, the intimate concert saw performances of his old and new tracks including “Honey Bee,” “Came Here to Forget,” “Sangria,” “Savior’s Shadow,” and “Friends” from The Angry Birds Movie soundtrack.

Here is the complete set list from the album release party and tidbits from Blake’s Q&A session with Bobby Bones down below.

iHeartRadio Concert Set List:
1. “Honey Bee”

2. “Came Here to Forget” from If I’m Honest

3. “Sangria”

4. “Friends”

5. “She’s Got a Way With Words” from If I’m Honest

6. “Austin”

7. “Boys ‘Round Here”

8. “Mine Would Be You”

9. “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” from If I’m Honest

10. “Savior’s Shadow” from If I’m Honest

11. “Put Some Drive in Your Country”

1. On making this album:
“I say this every time — because you have to feel this way, I think, if you’re going to make a record — but you have to feel like it’s the best you can do and that’s how I feel. The only reason I feel any of my albums are ever finished is because Warner Bros. is like, ‘Hey! we actually have to start printing them now so give us the music!’ Otherwise, we would just keep recording.”

2. The story behind the album title If I’m Honest:
“I just want to tell the truth about what happened,” Shelton explained.
“I was like, I need a title that represents a timeline, like 12, 13 months of my life. Like if somebody just took those months and wrote a story about it, that’s what I want the album to represent … Gwen had her record, ‘This Is What the Truth Feels Like,’ and I had a similar [working] title, ‘What If I Tell the Truth.’ So I was like, I can’t use the word ‘truth’ now…” This inspired him to call the album, “If I’m Honest.” He’s calling it like he sees it, and being … well… honest.

3. The writing process behind “Go Ahead and Break My Heart” With Gwen Stefani:
“Gwen and I wrote a song together — actually the only song we’ve ever written together, sadly. We need to write more songs together I think. We wrote this song towards the end of last year at some point. Actually, I only started this song to impress [Gwen]. I wrote the first half of the song and then she wrote the other half.”

4. On being open with his personal life:
Blake told Cody Alan at the Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards. “[country music] lends itself to emotions and things that you go through when you go through a divorce and, more so, the getting over that and moving on and finding someone else.” Shelton previously insisted that the album wouldn’t include any “juicy details” about his big breakup, but everything in the album is an honest look into what he felt over the last year. In the most recent interview with Bobby Bones, Shelton joked that his life was already in the media and papers “I figured since everybody else is cashing in on my life, I might as well get some of that, too!”

5. On finding time to record new music:
“Here’s the truth: Most of the last four albums including a Christmas album I did — and when I say most, I want to say 90 percent of those records, the vocal part — were done in some room, in some house that I have rented in Los Angeles because I’m out here doing [The Voice] a lot.”

INTERVIEW: Bobby Bones talks to Blake Shelton about “If I’m Honest”
Posted May 13th, 2016 by Nicole Mastrogiannis via iHeartRadio

Bobby Bones recently caught up with Blake for an exclusive interview where he opened up about the new record.

“If I’m Honest” is the follow-up to 2014’s Bringing Back the Sunshine, and features 15 new songs including a duet with girlfriend Gwen Stefani called “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” a collaboration with The Oak Ridge Boys called “Doing It To Country Songs,” “Friends” (his contribution to The Angry Birds Movie), as well as the latest single “Savior’s Shadow.” The album was produced by long running producer to Blake, Scott Hendricks and contains over 50 minutes of amazing country music.

The star from Ada, Oklahoma kicked off If I’m Honest with the album’s lead single “Came Here To Forget,” which iHeartRadio premiered on March 8th. The song hit the number 2 spot on the US Hot Country Songs chart and number 1 on the Country Digital Song chart with 53,000 digital copies sold in the first week. Blake explained to iHeartRadio that although he didn’t write the song himself, one of the writers of the track (Craig Wiseman) was tasked with writing a song for Blake about all that was happening in his personal life at the beginning of his relationship with Gwen.

On the meaning behind “Came Here To Forget”
“‘Came Here to Forget’ is a song that I absolutely fell in love with the first time I heard it. Craig Wiseman and Deric Ruttan actually wrote the song, and I didn’t realize it but Craig Wiseman was kind of given the task to write a song for me about what had happened to me. And basically about how things went down. I had my personal life, and when I first started seeing Gwen, it’s kind of all in there really. The only difference is we didn’t actually meet up at a bar, it would have been kind of hard to keep that on the down low.”

Speaking of personal songs, Blake calls his duet with Gwen one of the most personal songs to him on If I’m Honest, aside from “Savior’s Shadow” which was written with Jessi Alexander and songwriter husband, Jon Randall. (Jessi also helped write “Friends”) He says that these two are the most personal because he co-wrote both of them. Blake explains that he didn’t write many of the songs on the album, but he did co-write these two.

On the most personal song on “If I’m Honest”
“It’s gotta be either ‘Savior’s Shadow’ or ‘Go Ahead and ‘Break My Heart,’ because I co-wrote the songs, and I don’t write as much as a lot of artists do. Because I don’t have 2 things: I don’t have as much confidence in my writing as maybe I should, or maybe I have just enough, maybe I’m smart about it, but when it comes to making a record, I want to make the best record I humanly, possibly can. And I know that just having my name on a song as a writer is not the smartest way to make the best record that I can make, and so I don’t write a lot, but I don’t put them on my records as much because I’ll hear a song come rolling in by whoever it may be, and I’ll go, ‘Man, they wrote that idea way better than I did. I’m recording that one.'”

On the meaning behind his album title “If I’m Honest”
“I think when my fans hear this new album for the first time, they’re going to realize that it’s been a crazy, crazy past twelve or thirteen months for me. If you’d have told me a year ago the changes that would have happened in my life, I would have called you a liar. And I think the surprise element, the ups and the downs, they’re all in this record if you listen to it. And that’s why I’m calling it, ‘If I’m Honest,’ because I’m just telling it how I see it.”

Well, honesty is definitely what Blake was going for. When making “If I’m Honest,” he had planned exactly how he wanted to create the album, and followed through with his ideas — which is what he is most proud of.

On what he is most proud of creating “If I’m Honest”
“Once it came time to make the record, that I kinda had a plan of how I wanted to do it, and I stuck to my guns and I followed through with it. If the record falls on its face or whatever ends up happening, I got it done, how I wanted to do it, and I’m proud of it.”

Bobby Spends Time With Blake Shelton In LA

Bobby flew to LA to host a special iHeartRadio album release show with Blake Shelton. Below is a podcast and the two had lots to talk about:

Even though they both went through heartbreak at the same time, they found love within each other. It just happened to be at the right time….you can tell that both Blake and Gwen are so in love and support each other in all their ventures! Recently Gwen did a few interviews this past weekend at the Wango Tango event and was giddy as could be….just like her boyfriend Blake was in his recent interviews! We just can’t get enough of these two!

Blake Shelton’s Gospel Song “Savior’s Shadow” – Check out the videos of how it was made and listen to this beautiful song!

Jessi Alexander Dishes on a Gospel Song That “Came Deep From Blake Shelton’s Soul.” In the video from Taste of Country, Jessi explains how important “Savior’s Shadow” is to Blake.
The song came to Blake last summer, around August, and he said he had dreamt of the song. He wrote down as much as he could remember which he then tweeted that he had written a song that was “so important to me, I can’t believe it!” That’s when he thanked Jessi Alexander and Jon Randall for helping him write this amazing gospel song for his new album. It’s a deep, moving song that will resonate with many people…and with the song being released only yesterday, it is already #5 on the Christian and Gospel Genre iTunes chart! Check out the videos below and some of the tweets from today about “Savior’s Shadow.”

imageimageimageHere is a video from Blake Shelton’s Q&A BS’rs VIP Lounge from March 18th in Wilkes Barre, PA. It is only the Q&A (no songs) and Blake talks about the gospel song and how it came about. It starts at 9:27 and goes on to talk more about the new album as well.
It’s funny how life works and it seems as if this gospel song is a great “Why me Lord” type of song. Even Gwen Stefani Loves “Savior’s Shadow” of course, because we all know that Gwen is very spiritual and religious. People say they are opposites but there are so many ways that Blake & Gwen are the perfect couple….they have quite a bit in common! Luckily they found each other and they both saved each other from the bad things that happened to them last year. Thank God that they have each other to get through their divorces and in the end…they found true love!

Purchase Blake Shelton’s new single on iTunes, “Savior’s Shadow” from his upcoming album “If I’m Honest” out May 20th. Here’s the link for “Savior’s Shadow” – Single by Blake Shelton and if you haven’t purchased “Came here to Forget” or his song “Friends” for the Angry Birds Movie, purchase them on iTunes as well! Quick little tidbit: Jessi also helped with the song “Friends” and is in the music video from the blog post yesterday. If you haven’t seen this cute video, check it out in the blog post prior to this one!

Blake’s Official Video for the song “Friends” on the Angry Birds Movie out May 20th

Here’s an exclusive first look at the brand new song for the movie, The Angry Birds Movie, titled “Friends,” along with an adorably fun music video featuring several of the characters from the movie.

As a country singer Shelton is well aware a pig is the most intelligent of all farmyard animals. The movie, which comes out May 20th, tells the story of seven appropriately angry birds who live on a small paradise and whose life is turned upside down by the impending arrival of the pigs.
They have to team up to investigate the pigs in order to find out and thwart their evil plans.

But it is unlikely they are as huge fans as Blake of the immensely popular series, as he freely admits he was something of an addict of the Worms-esque game, in which a player launches birds at their porcine enemies using a catapult for propulsion. So perhaps that was what attracted Blake Shelton to the part of a porcine villain in the forthcoming The Angry Birds Movie.

imageHis character will be one of the now-famous green “piggies” — the enemies of the Angry Birds. The movie tells the story of the origin of the feud between the two species and how they came to be adversaries. It features the voices of Jason Sudeikis, Maya Rudolph, Peter Dinklage, Josh Gad and more. Shelton’s character fits the bill for a country artist — a promo photo shows Earl wearing a cowboy getup and carrying an acoustic guitar.

Blake Shelton – who has been recently cast as one of the many pigs that have caused the birds to be quite angry. He plays a pig with a very Southern drawl and a vendetta against all of bird kind. New country for young men: Blake Shelton will reach a whole new audience when he plays evil cowboy pig Earl.

Many songwriters live by the maxim “Write what you know,” so when Blake Shelton was tasked with coming up with a tune for The Angry Birds Movie, he hit a roadblock.

“I can write things about myself and my life,” says the country singer and coach on NBC’s hit singing competition The Voice. “But I don’t have a whole lot of experience being shot out of a slingshot at pigs.”

When Shelton was asked to play one of the pigs in the film, lending his voice to an especially country-fried pork chop named Earl…it was harder for him to sound more “country” than he already is. “They kept saying, ‘More country!’ ” Shelton says. “I felt like I was doing a voice-over for Dukes of Hazzard.”

While the film is based on the immensely popular game. It was one that Shelton played a lot before he was hired to write a song about it.

“I wish I had a dollar for every minute I lost playing that freaking game, you know?” he says. “Well, I guess I do now.”

Scoring his third film credit, after Pitch Perfect 2 and The Ridiculous 6 helped usher him into the film acting game this past year, this is Shelton’s first voice-over role.

It’s not hard to see how Shelton landed the gig, as he looked like one of the actually funny parts of The Ridiculous 6, which landed with a bit of a thud this past month. So if he could stand out in a film as ridiculous as its name implies, then clearly he’s great with ensembles. And seeing as The Angry Birds Movie is built heavily on its ensemble cast, adding a music superstar who’s on a hot streak is only a smart move. Not to mention, the target demographic that follows Blake Shelton’s music career will be happy to know that with his participation comes a brand new, original song for the film’s soundtrack.

Most animated comedies, much like Sony’s recent hit Hotel Transylvania 2, tend to attract diverse casts of popular talent in the industry today. The only downside to such casting is the fact that we can’t be sure how much of a role that Shelton will have in the cast of The Angry Birds Movie. Much like the casting of Mel Brooks in Hotel Transylvania 2, what sounds like a lead to mid-sized role could be what amounts to an extended cameo in the scheme of things. We won’t know for sure until the movie comes out May 20th. There are quite a few trailers, but the official music video of “Friends” by Blake Shelton is a cute video to watch!

Other stars who will be featured on Atlantic Records’ Angry Birds Movie – Music from the Motion Picture soundtrack (out May 6 and available for pre-order) include Demi Lovato, Imagine Dragons, Charli XCX and more. You can pre-order on iTunes but you can already purchase Blake Shelton’s song “Friends” right now and here’s the iTunes link:

Official Track Listing

1. Blake Shelton – “Friends”

2. Demi Lovato – “I Will Survive”

3. Matoma – Wonderful Life (Mi Oh My)

4. Imagine Dragons – “On Top of the World”

5. Charli XCX – “Explode”

6. Rick Astley – “Never Gonna Give You Up”

7. Scorpions – “Rock You Like a Hurricane”

8. Steve Aoki – “Fight”

9. Tone-Loc – “Wild Thing”

10. KRS-One – “Sound of da Police”

11. Limp Bizkit – “Behind Blue Eyes”

12. Peter Dinklage – “The Mighty Eagle Song”

13. The Hatchlings – “The Mighty Red Song”

14. Heitor Pereira – “Angry Birds Movie Score Medley”

Article quoted from EW, People, Daily Mail UK, Rolling Stone and Taste of Country

Gwen Stefani makes a Celebrity Appearance on the 46th Season of Sesame Street! Watch Behind the Scenes videos, an Interview with Extra TV & the Sesame Street Song Gwen did!

imageSesame Street has been around for a long time and is now in it’s 46th Season! Things have changed as far as the network that Sesame Street is now on as well as a few things to help the viewers (kids) be able to watch this kids learning show, that has been around for decades, become a better show! Only time will tell if this new format will help the shows success but we are so glad that Gwen Stefani had the opportunity to be one out of 10 celebrities to appear on the show, with one of the celebrities being her very good friend Pharrell!

The show’s 46th experimental season features several changes to the show’s curriculum, format and set. The season’s main education goal is how to demonstrate kindness and conveys the lessons through new themes relevant to the lives and interests of a typical preschool child (such as bedtime, boo-boos and animals). Fewer celebrity and parody segments are employed this season, as studies have shown less parents are co-viewing with their children.

The show also tightens its focus in on a smaller number of select characters:

The cast of Muppets, which has mushroomed over the decades, will be pared down to focus on a core six: Elmo, Cookie Monster, Abby Cadabby, Grover, Big Bird and Oscar. The others will still be on the show, but the core cast will be the daily focus.
The season also marks the show’s move to a new channel. The episodes debut first-run on HBO and will air on PBS following a nine-month window. The season also introduces a shortened, half-hour format, completely dropping the hour-long run time.

Initial elements for the season were taped in early February 2015, with primary filming taking place from April 14 to June 5. Celebrity segments began filming in Los Angeles the week of March 30, 2015. Which is when Gwen started filming…March 31st 2015.

imageFirst-run episodes of Sesame Street began airing on HBO in 2016. The season debuted on Saturday, January 16, 2016, with two new episodes (4601 and 4602) airing back-to-back at 9:00AM ET/PT. In the subsequent weeks, a new episode will air on HBO Family every Saturday at 9AM, followed by a repeat at 9:30. New episodes will debut each Saturday morning for 35 weeks, running from January 16th until the end of the season on September 3rd. Episodes will be simulcast in Spanish on HBO Latino, and new and library episodes will air at 8AM each weekday on HBO Family. The final episode of the season (4635) will be broadcast on September 3, 2016.

The show will continue to air on PBS as well, but episodes from Season 46 won’t reach public broadcasting outlets until the fall of 2016.

Gwens episode will be aired April 9th on HBO at 9:00am with a repeat at 9:30am. The episode that she appears on is a rerun called “Enthusiastic Penelope Penguin” which is a repeat of an episode from season 45, except Gwen wasn’t in that episode. The story line is a repeat and they add Gwen at the end of the episode as she does a song about friends. The video will be below. The story line is about how to be a good friend and not be selfish. Penelope Penguin wants to make friends but her enthusiasm gets her into trouble and she doesn’t realize that she’s pushing the friends she wants…away. It’s a great lesson to be learned and Gwen’s song “Be A Good Friend” is perfect!


Behind the scenes video with Gwen Stefani and Elmo via US Weekly Magazine.



Elmo crashes Gwen Stefani’s interview with Renee Bargh from Extra TV.