The Voice: May 8th Audience Experience

I just wanted to share some impressions of the Voice taping this past Monday. (May 8th) I won’t go into too much detail on how to sign up for tickets with because I have blogged about that process before. However, Monday things went super smoothly, even though I had general admission and not priority I did end up in the pit. I wanted to be on Blake side of the pit, like I was previously. However, I ended up on Adam’s side of the pit, which gave me an excellent view of all the coaches including Gwen. (by the time, we got up in line, the Blake side of the pit was full)

When the coaches first came out, I think it Gwen, Adam, and Alicia. The first time I saw Blake I saw peaking around Gwen’s chair kind of the way he does on the Voice Snapchat videos (kind of mischievous and cute) when Gwen was seated. Then he went on stage and performed “Every time I Hear That Song”. This was before the live portion of the show started filming.

On Twitter, I read all these rave reviews of the stage set for that song. I found that set, with the “steel” red columns frustrating. I think Blake did too. I think Blake likes to connect with the audience while performing and literally make eye contact. (I noticed this at the concert and I’m sure those who have seen him perform on up close in concert get that feeling too) I think he’s all about the singing along, and the eye contact and interaction with the audience. Well, directly in front of him during that performance where the coaches (and there are seats behind the coaches) and to the severe left and right of the stage were the two pits. (Each divided by a runaway) So there are four sections total to the pit part of the audience. I couldn’t see him perform with the band, unless he took a step back behind the column while playing his guitar. And I think he felt the same way, I noticed he kept stepping back and turning his head to the side of the pit to step back from the columns so he could see us and we could see him. I know he did this at least 2-4 times during the song. So that was frustrating.

But when he took a step back and looked into our side of the pit, he made eye contact with us. (I saw it on the youtube version of the performance, he keeps turning his head quickly to the side.) Well, as the Voice MC said, the people in the audience at the Voice aren’t there to “watch the show” they are there to be part of the live show. They announced after the first version of that song that they would be taping it again. So, in between, Blake went to the columns and was leaning on them in a mocking male model pose.


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NBC The Voice Season 12 Carson Daly, Coaches Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani Interview. Sneak Peek of The Voice Season 12 Blind Auditions. 

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NBC The Voice Season 12 will be premiering February 27th and the countdown begins, because it will be the most EPIC season ever! Not only is Gwen Stefani back as a coach…but we can’t wait to see her go head to head against her Boo, Blake Shelton…which Adam Levine calls “fights with cupcakes and pillows.” Carson Daly says that Gwen and Blakes relationship plays out in the show and it’s not something that is “taboo.” How sweet!

It’s going to be exciting to see the amazing dynamic between all 4 coaches and having 2 female coaches brings a sense of “girl power,” where Alicia Keys and Gwen Stefani have each other’s backs, even if they are trying to get the same contestant. Along with the newfound “girl power,” (that was also there in season 11 when Miley Cyrus was a coach) there is a sense of nurturing when it comes to the contestants and on set. Being moms, it brings a different vibe than the Blake and Adam antics! There’s definitely a lot of LOVE from the coaches, which is why the tag line this season is “FEEL THE LOVE.” It’s perfect and we can’t wait!

Even though the coaches all love each other, they’re in a competition to find a contestant and win the show! Blake says he will help Adam if there was a Skaa singer that would be a contestant that Gwen would most likely get, but it’s about winning at the end of the day. However, the coaches have fun on set and love being a part of The Voice. All the coaches said that they want to help these contestants by sharing their gifts as well as their knowledge of music and in turn, those contestants inspire them!

Each of the interviews mainly talk about how the show is “real” and that it’s not scripted, which makes viewers at home relate to the show even more! Watch the interviews with Adam Levine, Alicia Keys, Blake Shelton, Carson Daly and Gwen Stefani. There is also another video that gives you a sneak peek into the blind auditions. Don’t worry if you don’t hear anything in the first video. There isn’t any sound because the contestants cannot be heard yet, but there is some cheering that goes on when the coaches greet each other before sitting in their chairs. Have a look below! These videos were posted earlier tonight February 2nd 2017.

The 2 videos below are from Entertainment Tonight and posted a couple of days ago, January 31st 2017


Here is the most recent promo from NBC The Voice, below:



Full Video of Spin the Microphone with Season 9 The Voice Coaches on Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show from October 26th 2015. 

Watch the hilarious video of Spin the Microphone with The Voice coaches from Season 9: Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, and Pharrell Williams. This throwback video is a reminder of when our favorite couple started “sparks” when they sang Hotline Bling. Enjoy this full video from Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show that aired October 26th 2015. 

Blake Shelton Interview with Kate Miller at the “Surprise Free Concert” in Kansas City, held at the Whiskey Tango. Interview is via Soundcloud and link to full article is below.

Listen to Blake Shelton talk about everything from Gwen, his tour, her tour, why he loves Kansas City, Smithworks Vodka and so much more! Here is a link to the full article from Kate Miller with the Kansas City Star

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Blake Shelton Sits Down with Chelsea Handler on Her New Netflix Show “Chelsea” and Opens up About His Album “If I’m Honest” which is a Timeline of His Life. Watch the Preview of the New Episode on “Chelsea” and Hear How Happy He Is and that His Relationship with Gwen Stefani “Is Meant To Be”


Here is a preview for the next episode on “Chelsea” which can be watched on Netflix. The episode will stream Thursday July 7th at midnight, so if you want to stay up late to watch Blake Shelton talk about his album…which is about the timeline of his real life over the last year or so, to include his divorce, finding a co-worker/friend (Gwen Stefani) going through the same exact thing at the same exact time, and then quickly becoming the couple we all know and love! Blake has been on Chelsea’s previous talk shows in the past and thinks she’s hilarious, so this will be a fun interview to see!

Blake tells Chelsea that everything that has happened with him and Gwen Stefani, “was meant to be.” In fact, he said that he was nervous talking about his relationship with Gwen but Chelsea chimed in that maybe he was afraid to jinx it (the relationship). However, when Chelses asked if this is the happiest he’s ever been, Blake replied without hesitation “There’s absolutely no question about that!”

To see the whole episode of Blake Shelton’s interview with Chelsea Handler on her new Netflix Talk Show, it will be available at midnight! Don’t worry if you can’t watch it then because the amazing thing about Chelsea’s new Netflix show is that you can watch the episodes at any time once they stream and you can rewatch them at anytime! That means you can go back and rewatch Gwen’s episode after Blake’s! For those who don’t have Netflix, we will try to see if there is a YouTube version but it probably won’t be out right away or if at all, but we will keep you posted if it goes on YouTube!

These pics are from Chelsea’s Snapchat from a couple of weeks ago when they did the taping of the episode and a tweet from Blake from the same day! The humor between Chelsea and Blake is going to be amazing!!


Blake Shelton Country Music Hall of Fame Livestream Video from June 6th! Don’t Miss This Q & A with An Acoustic Performance and a Speech About his Exhibit: Blake Shelton- Based on A True Story. Enjoy!!

If you missed Blake Shelton at the Country Music Hall Of Fame event June 6th, here is the livestream link of the Q & A with acoustic performance! There are also videos of Blake Shelton at the Rotunda to accept his official induction for his own exhibit at the Country Music Hall of Fame: Blake Shelton- Based On A True Story. What an amazing and proud moment for our favorite country music star! (CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW FOR THE LIVESTREAM)

Blake Shelton Livestream at Country Music Hall of Fame Q & A with Acoustic performance 


Blake Shelton Press Conference at the Country Music Hall of Fame via Nash Country Daily Periscope (Part 1)

Blake Shelton Press Conference at the Country Music Hall of Fame via Nash Country Daily Periscope