The Voice: May 8th Audience Experience

I just wanted to share some impressions of the Voice taping this past Monday. (May 8th) I won’t go into too much detail on how to sign up for tickets with because I have blogged about that process before. However, Monday things went super smoothly, even though I had general admission and not priority I did end up in the pit. I wanted to be on Blake side of the pit, like I was previously. However, I ended up on Adam’s side of the pit, which gave me an excellent view of all the coaches including Gwen. (by the time, we got up in line, the Blake side of the pit was full)

When the coaches first came out, I think it Gwen, Adam, and Alicia. The first time I saw Blake I saw peaking around Gwen’s chair kind of the way he does on the Voice Snapchat videos (kind of mischievous and cute) when Gwen was seated. Then he went on stage and performed “Every time I Hear That Song”. This was before the live portion of the show started filming.

On Twitter, I read all these rave reviews of the stage set for that song. I found that set, with the “steel” red columns frustrating. I think Blake did too. I think Blake likes to connect with the audience while performing and literally make eye contact. (I noticed this at the concert and I’m sure those who have seen him perform on up close in concert get that feeling too) I think he’s all about the singing along, and the eye contact and interaction with the audience. Well, directly in front of him during that performance where the coaches (and there are seats behind the coaches) and to the severe left and right of the stage were the two pits. (Each divided by a runaway) So there are four sections total to the pit part of the audience. I couldn’t see him perform with the band, unless he took a step back behind the column while playing his guitar. And I think he felt the same way, I noticed he kept stepping back and turning his head to the side of the pit to step back from the columns so he could see us and we could see him. I know he did this at least 2-4 times during the song. So that was frustrating.

But when he took a step back and looked into our side of the pit, he made eye contact with us. (I saw it on the youtube version of the performance, he keeps turning his head quickly to the side.) Well, as the Voice MC said, the people in the audience at the Voice aren’t there to “watch the show” they are there to be part of the live show. They announced after the first version of that song that they would be taping it again. So, in between, Blake went to the columns and was leaning on them in a mocking male model pose.


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Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards will air Tomorrow March 12th at 8pmET-10pmET. Blake Shelton will be hosting and it will be a crazy fun party for kids and adults!

Blake Shelton will be hosting tomorrow’s KCA’s and not only will it be fun for kids, but adults will love it just as much! I mean…who doesn’t love Blake?! Duh?! So…for those of you have never watched the KCA’s, here’s a little info on what to expect!

First of all, Blake will have a “grand” entrance and will open the show with Selena Gomez, Nick Jonas who hosted last year’s KCA’s and his new furry friend from Star wars…Chewbacca!


On Thursday, Blake Shelton got to hang out with his new furry friend backstage at The Forum in L.A. while they rehearsed for Nickelodeon’s annual awards show. (Via People)

While checking out the “artist canvas wall,” Blake see some familiar signatures. “I don’t really count Maroon 5, but there’s some other cool ones in here,” he says while perusing the wall. (Via People)

“Oh look, there’s No Doubt. I like those guys – one of them, a lot,” he jokes about his girlfriend Gwen Stefani before making his own mark on the wall. (Via People) Lol…Dr. Shelton?! Ha!

Aside from hosting the show, the Voice coach could also be going home with a prize. The country singer is nominated for favorite male singer alongside Drake, Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber, Jonas and the Weeknd. (Via People)

“I’ve been on countless stages throughout my life, but none have promised the madness, excitement and endless slime as Nick’s Kids’ Choice Awards, which is undoubtedly the ultimate party for kids,” Shelton previously told PEOPLE. “There is only one team here, and it’s Team Kids’ Choice so bring it on Nickelodeon!” (Via People)

The Kids’ Choice Awards airs live Saturday at 8 p.m. ET on Nickelodeon.

Here’s another video of Blake practicing for the KCA’s at The Forum. As he talks about how excited he is to be the host of Nickelodeon’s Kids Choice Awards, he looks at a huge wall with pictures of legendary bands and music icons. When gets to the end of the wall, he sees his best buddy, Adam Levine from a performance that Maroon V did at The Forum venue. Of course, Blake has to say something about that…so watch the video below!

Now, here is what to expect at the KCA’s. First of all, there will be 5,000 gallons of SLIME used throughout the night on stage! Everyone knows that the host usually gets slimed and they have so many different ways to SLIME celebrities this year!

“We always try to outdo ourselves, so let’s just say we are planning to take advantage of the Forum in ways we’ve never done before by engulfing the audience in slime,” Nickelodeon Senior Vice President (SVP), Live Events Jay Schmalholz tells The Hollywood Reporter exclusively.


Nickelodeon gave The Hollywood Reporter a first look at the stage rendering (above) for Saturday’s awards, which air from 8-10 p.m. ET. Schmalholz says this year that the set is “designed to reflect pop culture in a kid’s world.”

He also revealed what else viewers can expect!:

What’s new about this year’s show?

We are lucky to have booked country music superstar Blake Shelton, who is also a coach on The Voice, one of the top shows on television for kids and families. This year, kids are not only picking the winners, they are choosing what will happen in the show. They will have the opportunity to impact the show in real time, by casting live votes to see four different outrageous moments play out. These scenarios include Shelton pranking DNCE, choosing who should get slimed — Bethany Mota or Cameron Dallas; should Blake dress up as Abe Lincoln, an emoji or a unicorn; and if the onstage screen should instantly change to outer space or underwater. One thing that was important to us was making the kids the stars of the show. We always want the kids in the audience and those watching from home to interact with the celebrities and the slime unlike ever before. The best part of my job is to come up with new and innovative ways to deliver slime. Wait until you see what we have planned this year.

What’s new about this year’s set? What are some features that viewers should look for?

This year’s Kids’ Choice Awards puts the power of choice in the hands of kids everywhere. The set is designed to reflect pop culture and everything that is going on in a kid’s world from social to TV to games to movies. Throughout the show, kids and families will be able to follow along with the live broadcast by casting votes digitally, to impact moments in the show in real time like changing the scenic environment, deicing what prank Blake will play backstage and even who will get slimed. Also, we know kids love movies, so we’re giving them a sneak peek of some of today’s hottest upcoming films by literally bringing trailers to life. DNCE will give a high-energy performance of “Cake by the Ocean” that will extend beyond the stage, into the audience, giving fans a healthy slime dousing. And this year’s finale is going to be huge. We have surprises built in everywhere.

What can we expect from host Blake Shelton?

Blake is the quintessential prankster and has a great sense of humor which is why we love him and knew he was the perfect person to host this year’s Kids’ Choice Awards. When we first sat with him, he told us he was up for anything and we’re going to hold him to it.

What is your best advice to celebrities who are getting slimed?

You’ve got to be all in. Stand there, open arms, and embrace it. Let it soak in and don’t be afraid. Slime is your friend.

How do you prepare stars for getting slimed?

All the celebrities who come to the Kids’ Choice Awards are really excited about two things – kids and slime. They know the show is always unpredictable and they also know what to expect. You can never control slime and the celebrities have been known to take control of it themselves once it happens.

Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2016 airs live on Nickelodeon USA & Nickelodeon Canada on Saturday 12th March 2016 at 8pm (ET/PT) and Nickelodeon Australia & New Zealand on Sunday 13th March 2016 at 11am AU/1pm NZ, and on Nickelodeon channels around the world within hours of the live show, including Sunday 13th March 2016 from 5:00pm on Nickelodeon UK and Ireland/HD!

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Check out the promo video of the KCA’s and how excited Blake is to be this year’s host! Also, check out this link to see 12 things about Blake Shelton and why he was our everything, by buzzfeed